Best Friend: Kikyo

Lover: Sesshoumaru 

First kiss: Sango

Hates you: Miroku

Has a crush on you: Sesshoumaru 

Is cockblocked by: Naraku

posted on Apr 07, 2012

#* #Inuyasha #Kagome #Kikyo #Miroku #Sango #Sesshoumaru #Shippo #game #Naraku
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    BF: Miroku Naraku Inuyasha Hates you: Sesshoumaru Crush on you: Kikyou cockblocked by: Shippo
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    Best friend: Shippo! Lover: Naraku (bless) First kiss: Miroku Hates you: Kagome Has a crush on you: Miroku Is...
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    Best Friend: Sango. Sesshomaru. First Kiss: Shippo (oh). Hates You: Sesshomaru (aw man D: And here I thought he’d love...
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    Best friend: Miroku Naraku (fuck yes!) First kiss: Inuyasha Hates you: Sesshomaru (Noooo!) Has a crush on you: Kikyo...
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    ^^ Inuyasha …it’s like it’s reading...mind or something ;p First kiss:Miroku…No.No.Nope…I...
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    hahahaha best ever: Best friend: Kagome Inuyasha (HELL YES) First Kiss: Miroku (yea.. thats how it goes, isnt it?!)...
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    Best friend: (Sango YEAAAAH KICKING ASS TOGETHER) Miroku (I don’t trust him) First Kiss: Kikyo (EWWWW I’M KISSING A DEAD...
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    Best Friend: Kagome Sesshoumaru First kiss: Shippo Hates you: Miroku Has a crush on you: Sango Is cockblocked by: Kagome
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    Well, Sesshomaru’s my best friend, Kagome’s my lover and also received my first kiss,
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